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Chemical Tracking Program Support

US Department of Veterans Affairs, VISN 1 New England Healthcare Network

Mabbett provided environmental consulting services in support of the New England Healthcare Network Chemical Tracking Project (CTP) required by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) agreement. Mabbett participated as a member of the Professional Advisory Group (PAG) overseeing implementation of the SEP in addition to the implementation support. Mabbett provided multiple field teams to conduct chemical inventories and performed barcoding and assisted with the development and implementation of chemical segregation and waste management protocols. Mabbett staff assisted with the development of management policies and procedures to assure compliance with the requirements set forth in the SEP for chemical inventory tracking and hazardous, pharmaceutical and universal waste management.  Mabbett also assisted with the delivery of training programs for VA personnel in the use of the chemical inventory management program and other management policies and procedures necessary to meet the requirements of the SEP.

Mabbett completed chemical inventory field work at all 11 VISN 1 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs). The field work consisted of visiting all clinical, research and Facility Management Services (FMS) areas on each campus to catalogue chemicals in use and waste produced and collect the required data for initial entry into the VA’s chemical inventory database product, Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) System. Mabbett was also involved in the barcoding of the inventoried chemicals.  Additional work conducted by Mabbett includes developing location trees for ESOH, entering material safety data sheets (MSDS) data for specific VA products in ESOH and additional data entry into the highly specialized ESOH software program. Mabbett has worked closely with VISN 1 and other project contractors to meet the required schedules.   Mabbett continues to provide on-going support and one-on-one training to ESOH users at two VAMCs now that the program has been fully implemented.