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Energy, Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization

Covanta Energy

Mabbett is providing environmental consulting and engineering services to support Covanta Energy's ongoing Mercury Outreach and Recovery Program.  Since 2001, Covanta has been implementing a Material Separation Plan in accordance with MA 310 CMR 7.08(2)(i), in order to promote the recovery and proper disposal of mercury bearing waste.  The intent of this effort is to prevent mercury bearing waste from entering the waste stream at the Haverhill, MA waste-to-energy facility.  In 2005, Todd Dresser, CHMM, TURP, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, began providing technical support and guidance to assist this effort.

Mabbett provides waste minimization and pollution prevention; hazardous materials and waste management; and environmental, health and safety training and outreach related to Covanta’s mercury program.  Specific services include:

  • Conducting outreach to promote the Mercury Recovery Program;
  • Coordinating with local healthcare providers, school and municipal officials within Covanta’s service communities to identify and recruit facilities interested in participating in the Covanta Mercury Recovery Program;
  • Scheduling and conducting mercury screening surveys at interested facilities;
  • Drafting survey reports for participating facilities;
  • Propose long-term management strategies;
  • Review state regulatory requirements; and
  • Promote non-mercury alternatives where available. 

Mabbett provides information describing Good Management Practices to support the safe handling of mercury products and to encourage the replacement of this technology with a less toxic alternative. In addition, Mabbett schedules and coordinates on behalf of and with the assistance of Covanta the collection and proper disposal of the obsolete, damaged or unwanted mercury products each participant requests to have disposed. Mabbett continues to identify opportunities to present and publicize the Covanta Mercury Recovery Program at venues located within the Covanta service communities. 

Mabbett provides general project management and support as requested by Covanta to help ensure the successful implementation of the Mercury Recovery Program.