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VISN 2 Comprehensive Survey for Asbestos-Containing Materials

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Mabbett conducted a comprehensive survey for suspected ACM at six VAMCs in VISN 2 Healthcare Network Upstate New York to assess/reassess ACM.  The wall-to-wall surveys of the six VISN 2 VAMCs, included over 170 buildings and approximately 4.6M ft². The ACM inspections of the medical facilities and associated building were completed in accordance with 29 CFR 1926.1101; 29 CFR 1910.134; 29 CFR 1910.1001; EPA AHERA protocols and applicable New York and VA requirements including NYSDEC issued Code Rule 56. In addition, tailored Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plans were developed and approved by a NY licensed management planner.  Identified friable thermal surfacing insulation (TSI) was also labeled by the Mabbett Team under this contract. The project included the preparation of facility and associated building reports which include corresponding CADD drawings showing ACM and sample locations; description of survey techniques and sampling strategy employed; discussion of how the survey was conducted; explanation of how and why the response actions were determined and prioritized; and brief description of each building and the protocols used. The reports also included searchable tables of laboratory results, and input for asbestos liability reporting. 

The field sampling was performed by multiple AHERA certified and NY licensed inspectors.  The Mabbett Team worked closely with the Facilities, Engineering, and Safety/GEMs staff to minimize impacts on patients, staff and operations.  All samples were collected in accordance with applicable regulations preventing airborne exposure. This project required extensive data collection, evaluation, entry, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC). 

In addition, on a separate contract, Mabbett conducted a pre-demolition hazardous material survey of the Control Room and Gas Meter Building attached to the Boiler Plant Building at the Canandaigua, NY VAMC. This work was performed as part of the VAMC-Biomass Cogeneration System Project. Mabbett performed the survey where suspected ACM and LCP, mercury containing equipment, and PCB-containing ballasts.


 “….. I wanted to let you know Mabbett was a perfect fit for this task, he was very flexible with our/my needs, very professional and went the extra mile in getting things accomplished in a very timely manner. I asked him to work in the afternoon so I could escort him personally, he never questioned it and it worked out perfectly, thanks for everything and if there is anything I can do for you in the future, don’t hesitate to ask. I work with contractors regularly and you guys have been awesome to work with, thanks again!”  David Finnick, Canandaigua VA Medical Center