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VISN 1 Comprehensive Survey for ACM and LBP

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Mabbett conducted a comprehensive survey for suspected ACM and LCP at VAMCs, Vet Centers and CBOCs throughout New England to assess/reassess ACM and suspect LCP in all New England states.

The survey included wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling surveys of 11 VAMC campuses, 60 leased Vet Centers and CBOCs and hundreds of buildings representing ~8M ft². Asbestos O&M Plans were developed for each VAMC and approved by a state licensed management planner in the state where each facility is located. The project included the preparation of hundreds of individual building reports which included photos, thousands of CADD drawings depicting the locations of regulated building materials and sample locations along with electronically managed results tables. The tables were designed to be used for liability reporting and long-term O&M planning activities.

All of the surveys were performed by licensed inspectors and involved extensive data collection. Mabbett worked closely with the facilities Engineering, Facility Management Services, and Safety staff to minimize impacts on patients, staff and operations. All samples were collected in accordance with applicable EPA, state and OSHA regulations preventing airborne exposure. In addition to performing the surveys and preparing the reports and O&M Plans, Mabbett also performed labeling of all friable asbestos identified. Due to the schedules and period of performance frequently two different VAMCs were being field surveyed at the same time in different locations requiring substantial field mobilizations and complicated scheduling. Mabbett typically deployed two 2–3 person inspector project teams to expedite field sampling efforts. Subsequently, Mabbett has worked for the VA and A/E firms preparing abatement plans and specifications and providing abatement project monitoring for facility renovations at multiple VISN 1 facilities.

 “Contractor was very accommodating to our schedule and facility specific needs. Contractor demonstrated technical knowledge of regulations and did a great job in helping us develop written plans.”  Bryan Soltysik, GEMS Coordinator, VA Boston Healthcare System