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Philadelphia VA Medical Center, Asbestos Survey and Inventory

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Mabbett conducted a comprehensive asbestos survey and asbestos inventory of designated buildings at the Philadelphia VAMC. Mabbett located and identified homogeneous areas (HA), identified asbestos content, quantified asbestos, assessed the condition/ friability and risk of occupant exposure, provided cost estimates, labeled all accessible friable ACM, generated reports, prepared an ACM O&M Plan, prepared a liability tracking tool, and trained staff on utilization of reports, tools, and CADD plans. The reports include photos, tables, and detailed CADD plans depicting sample locations and identified ACM. The survey included all eight VAMC buildings, representing 438,000 ft².  The inspections and surveys were being conducted by AHERA licensed Pennsylvania and Philadelphia asbestos building inspectors, management planners and project designers. Approximately 900 bulk samples were collected. Patient sensitive areas were surveyed after hours to minimize impacts on patient care. Mabbett worked closely with the Safety Office and Engineering in advance of the site inspection to ensure overall program objectives would be met.  Friable ACM was also labelled as part of the contract.