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General Services Administration

Mabbett is uniquely qualified to assist the US General Services AdministrationGSA Logo (GSA) in meeting its goals of protecting the health and safety of GSA employees, tenants and visitors within their facilities, as well as meeting its commitment to a “Zero Environmental Footprint” by providing environmental, health and safety consulting and engineering compliance support. Drawing on past relevant experience and by providing qualified staff who have worked effectively with GSA, Mabbett delivers services that meet and exceed the GSA and their customer’s requirements and expectations.

Mabbett’s strong reputation is rooted in its commitment to responsiveness and understanding of GSA needs and expectations. Mabbett carefully matches personnel and resources with project assignments and requirement, and maintains internal management procedures that offer flexible, timely and technically grounded responses to meet GSA needs.

Mabbett has extensive environmental, health and safety (EH&S) experience within the Federal building envelop environment and has provided services in dozens of GSA owned and operated buildings in addition to long-term support at a major GSA construction project, i.e. St. Elizabeths redevelopment for the Department of Homeland Security.


 “Without the expedient work, professionalism and continued support of the Mabbett Team, the St. Elizabeths site would not be in the condition it is to allow the implementation of the various construction projects that are currently underway and on schedule on the West Campus. As a result, the USCG project has surpassed the 50% construction completion marker and I would like to thank everyone on the team with their help in making this happen for the GSA and the DHS.” GSA Project Manager, St. Elizabeths Team