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Construction Material Facility Compliance and Engineering

Mabbett provides comprehensive environmental compliance consulting  to the torromeo kingston 001construction materials industry.  Clients have included quarries, ready-mix concrete, bagged ready-mix concrete producers, and asphalt batching facilities. Mabbett has been heavily involved with both routine compliance programs and  Return-To-Compliance programs at these facilities following EPA, MassDEP, and NHDES inspections relative to stormwater, process water, air pollution control, wetlands fill and overall environmental compliance. Mabbett understands the economic and logistical challenge to balance maintaining in-house EH&S capabilities and seeking outside consultants to ensure regulatory compliance.  Mabbett has provided a tailored mix of on-site staffing and as-needed consulting to the Construction Material Industry while minimizing cost, and minimizing environmental, health, and safety liabilities.


Health and Safety

  • On-site health and safety compliance
  • Construction health and safety
  • Health and safety training

Process Wastewater Treatment Design, Permitting Operation and Maintenance

  • Closed Loop Wastewater Recycling Systems
  • pH adjustment systems
  • Groundwater dewatering and construction site treatment systems
  • Stormwater management upgrades and engineering design

Stormwater Compliance

  • Construction general permit compliance
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Construction environmental and health and safety oversight
  • Multi-sector general permits
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Stormwater monitoring and reporting
  • On-site staffing of Stormwater Compliance Managers and/or Certified Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) professionals 

Air Pollution Control

  • Non-Major Permits
  • Source Registration
  • RICE Generator Compliance Assistance
  • Emergency Generator Permitting

Representative Experience

  • Provided environmental consulting, design, and negotiation of enforcement related consent decrees and penalty amounts for alleged Clean Water Act and other environmental regulation violations at confidential construction material industry facilities. Facilities were subject of enforcement actions brought by multiple state and Federal agencies and included industrial wastewater, stormwater management, wetland protection, endangered species, hazardous materials storage, petroleum product storage and spill control, air pollution control, underground storage tank (UST) closure (site cleanup), and community right-to-know components.
  • Operated, maintained and optimized pH adjustment system receiving concrete washwater discharging to POTW throu bi-weekly on-site staffing. Performed a feasibility study to evaluate treatment system upgrades highlighting trade-off between capital and labor cost of vaiour options. Follow-on work has included updating SPCC Plans at various facility locations.
  • Implemented Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) program with Form R/Form S and Toxics Use Reduction Planning. Provided Enforcement Compliance assistance during last-minute MassDEP inspection and subsequent Notice-of-Violation for un-permitted dust emissions at bagged ready mix facility. The Air permit was successfuly obtained and negotiated a reduced penatly.