Mabbett Supported Ion Storage Systems Facility Transition

Ion Storage Systems (ION) is commercializing its next generation solid-state Li-Metal battery technology based on a unique 3D ceramic electrolyte architecture that enables high cycle rate capability and low resistance, with high-capacity Lithium metal anodes for significantly higher energy density. The nonflammable ceramic electrolyte eliminates the safety hazards of current liquid organic electrolytes, and further results in wide operating temperature ranges and excellent high temperature performance and stability that negates the need for cooling systems, and reduces mass, volume, and complexity. These batteries will meet or exceed customer needs for multiple markets and applications.

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. (Mabbett®) has supported ION in their transition from the University of Maryland campus to a new Headquarters facility in Beltsville, Maryland which will host both their research and development as well as manufacturing activities. Mabbett has worked with ION’s team to identify storage considerations for research materials and chemicals, develop safety plans and procedures, and provide ongoing training to employees. From the time Ion informed us of their intent to move into a new facility we have provided:

  • Evaluation of materials storage requirements in OSHA regulations and local Code
  • Preparation of Emergency Action Plan and delivery of related training
  • Preparation of Chemical Hygiene Plan and delivery of related training to meet OSHA laboratory safety requirements
  • Review of personal protective equipment
  • Delivery of training required to ship certain research materials and sample products
  • Assistance identifying appropriate safety and emergency equipment and medical providers.

Mabbett sincerely appreciates the ION team’s recognition for the importance of EHS support in establishing a strong business and a safe workplace culture, and we are proud to continue to support a company that is making energy storage more sustainable.

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