Site Assessment and Remediation

Mabbett supports commercial private and Federal-public clients from initial Phase I environmental site assessments through remedial investigations, to feasibility studies, remediation system design, installation, system operation and long-term maintenance and monitoring support for various sized clients ranging from local manufacturers to complex high-visibility Brownfield redevelopment projects.  Mabbett designs remediation programs that are strategically tailored for site specific conditions, planned redevelopment scenarios, and appropriate remediation goals.  Mabbett’s site assessment and remediation programs are designed to be cost effectively implemented to achieve regulatory closure.

Environmental Site Assessment

  • Pre-acquisition/pre-lease audits, ASTM Phase I site assessments and ASTM Phase II subsurface investigations
  • Regulatory compliance pathway identification and evaluation
  • Clean-up cost estimation in support of purchase and sales agreements, lease terms and escrow accounts
  • Risk characterization and management strategies

Brownfield Redevelopment

  • Environmental assessment and analysis
  • Regulated building materials inspection services
  • Design, bidding and construction-phase services
  • Risk management and stakeholder engagement support


  • Multi-media contaminant fate transport modeling
  • Soil/groundwater remediation system design and implementation
  • Remediation system design, construction, start-up, operation and maintenance
  • Contractor management and oversight services

Legal Counsel and Technical Oversight

  • Regulatory liaison and negotiation support
  • Licensed Site Professional (MA) and Licensed Environmental Professional (CT) services
  • Independent peer reviews of third-party environmental assessments and cleanups

Related Case Studies

Brownfields Redevelopment

City of Waltham

Mabbett was retained by the City of Waltham to facilitate the conversion of a disused former railroad line to a recreational park, the proposed Chemistry Station Park, located within a dense residential area. The Site comprises an approximate one acre segment of the former Boston and Maine Railroad right-of-way which had residential homes located along both sides of the former railway. Over time, residential yards had gradually encroached into the parcel, and the parcel had been used as a dumping site for solid waste and abandoned vehicles.

Mabbett completed a preliminary environmental subsurface investigation, which detected soil concentrations of arsenic and lead above Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) residential standards. These arsenic and lead concentrations have been attributed to historic herbicide applications associated with railroad operations and/or the presence of coal and coal ash.

At the request of the City, Mabbett developed a remediation plan for the parcel, and developed engineering plans, specifications, and bidding documents for the parcel redevelopment. Mabbett oversaw the project from design, bidding, contractor selection, to construction, and project completion and closeout. Mabbett provided construction management and oversight of the contractor selected to perform the work. Additionally, Mabbett assisted with notification of residential abutters with yards that had encroached into arsenic/lead impacted areas of the Site that were targeted for remediation and redevelopment. Mabbett collaborated with the landscape architect tasked with creating the park greenspace in order to coordinate location, of planting beds and other features in areas of clean soil.


  • Environmental site assessment
  • Risk assessment and risk communication
  • Remedial design and implementation
  • Bidding and contractor selection assistance
  • Construction management and oversight
  • Integration of remediation with recreational park construction
  • MCP Services
Brownfields Redevelopment – In-situ DNAPL Stabilization and Site Redevelopment

BioMed Realty Trust

Project Director, James Greacen, PG, LSP, LEP, Director of Site Assessment and Remediation at Mabbett has served as the Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP) of Record for the redevelopment of a 10-acre former manufactured gas plant (MCP) site located in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. The Site was redeveloped into a mixed-use planned unit development (PUD) consisting of approximately 1.3M ft² of commercial/biotechnology research space as well as two underground parking structures. The site contaminants included a three-acre plume of free phase coal tar and extensive MGP residuals in soil and groundwater including mercury. Remedial approaches implemented during the redevelopment, under the direction of Mr. Greacen, included excavation and in-situ stabilization of MGP residuals using auger mixing and high-pressure jet grout technologies.

Mabbett has prepared the final environmental closure documents and is soliciting public comment on the project. The closure documents include the groundwater monitoring program implemented and subsequently used by Mabbett to perform fate and transport modeling that demonstrates plume stability and no significant human health risk on site or to abutters.  Mabbett will continue to support the environmental components of the redevelopment including risk assessment, enforcement of environmental deed restrictions, and long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) of the groundwater extraction system beneath the underground parking garage.

Mabbett has managed and implemented environmental remediation activities under the MCP for the redevelopment project since 2006. The project and associated redevelopment won the Grand Prize Phoenix Award at the 2006 Brownfields Conference in Boston, MA.


  • Brownfields redevelopment
  • Licensed site professional services
  • LEED Certification assistance
  • Groundwater monitoring program plan
  • Fate and transport modeling
  • Risk assessment
  • Long-term operation and maintenance
  • Excavation of an underground parking garage and contaminated soils management and segregation
  • Air monitoring for Level C conditions and to protect the surrounding public
  • Field pilot testing and innovative full-scale in situ solidification of DNAPL coal tars under high-pressure natural gas utilities
  • Off-site management of 1,600 tons of RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous DNAPL grout spoils
  • Off-site management of 50,000 yd³ of soil
  • Preparation of MCP status reports engineering
  • Design, construction engineering support and monitoring of 50 gpm parking garage dewatering treatment system